The quality of Spanish classical guitarist Álvaro Toscano has been demonstrated by over twenty international awards throughout his career, including first prize in the 96th Permanente de Juventudes Musicales de España Competition, first prize in the Ciudad de Guimaraes International Competition (Portugal), and first prize in the Changsha International Guitar Festival (China). In addition, he has received numerous awards from the public reflecting his incredible ability to communicate through music.

Álvaro Toscano has a wide repertoire, playing music from the Renaissance to the most recent compositions of Antonio Blanco Tejero and María Jesús Amaro. He also specializes in chamber music, playing with the Dúo Synestha and groups such as the Ensemble del FIP Guadalquivir and the Cuarteto Leonor. In addition, he has played as a soloist with important orchestras such as the Filarmónica de Málaga, the Real Filarmonía de Galicia, the Orquesta Simfónica de Castellón, and the AUKSO orchestra (Poland), led by distinguished conductors such as José Luis Temes, Salvador Sebastià, Marek Moś, and Maximino Zumalave.

Álvaro has given over eighty recitals in places in Europe and the United States, such as the Ganz Hall (Chicago, USA), Kings Place (London), the Sarajevo International Guitar Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the Uppsala concerts & Congress Hall (Sweden), the Harmonia Cordis Guitar Festival (Romania), and the Auditorio de Galicia (Spain). In 2021, he was part of the Eurostrings project, which brings together the most awarded young musicians in the world, and made a tour of concerts and masterclasses throughout Europe. He was also part of the AIEClásicos cycle, offering several recitals in Spain. In addition, he offers unusual recitals on platforms such as Sofar Sounds, which hosts concerts of all types of music in private homes, with the aim of bringing classical music closer to all kinds of audiences.

He has studied with Jara Benítez, Juan Antonio Martínez, José María Bailo, Javier Riba, Francisco Bernier, and Pedro Mateo Gonzalez, and uses a guitar from Spanish luthier José Paniagua with Knobloch strings.


Rarely do so many extraordinary qualities converge in such a young performer: an admirable technique, a moving musicality and a confidence on stage that place us in the presence of a true artistic personality. 

Javier Riba, El Día de Córdoba


February 21st | Teatro de la Maestranza, Seville, Spain (Escuela Bolera and Spanish Guitar), with Cristina Cazorla

April 13th | Princess of Girona Awards at Gran Teatro, Cordoba, Spain

April 14th | Flamenco Planneo Festival, Plaza de Capuchinos, Cordoba, Spain

April 26th | Performance at the 2023 Cedro Awards, Madrid, Spain

May 19th | Escuela Bolera and Spanish Guitar, Madrid, Spain, with Cristina Cazorla

May 21st | Niemeyer Center, Avilés, Asturias, Spain (Solo recital, The Mystic Guitar)

May 22nd-26th | Tour in Galicia, Spain (With violinist Nacho Carnota)

July 2nd | Espacio Ronda, Madrid, Spain (Under the direction of Ángela Belmar)

July 13th | Serenates d’Estiu, Capdepera, Mallorca (Solo concert)

August 5th | Chipiona, Cádiz, Spain (Escuela Bolera and Spanish Guitar), with Cristina Cazorla

September 21st | Teatros del Canal Madrid, Spain (Premiere of the show “Madrileña”)

September 22nd | Teatros del Canal Madrid, Spain (Premiere of the show “Madrileña”)

Date to be confirmed | Sociedad Española de la Guitarra Madrid, Spain (Solo recital)

May 2024 | Teatro Monumental, Madrid, Spain (Concertino Op.72 by Salvador Bacarisse with the RTVE Orchestra)

Date to be confirmed | Uppsala, Sweden (Uppsala Guitar Quartet)

Date to be confirmed | Guimaraes, Portugal (Solo recital and masterclass)

April 23 | Caja Badajoz Cultural Center. Mérida, Spain (Solo Recital)

June 3 | Cacereña Musical Association. Cáceres, Spain (Solo Recital)

June 6 | Cajasol Foundation Theater, Seville, Spain (Synestha guitar duo)

June 25 | Escuela Bolera y guitarra española. Perro Paco, Madrid, Spain (With dancer Cristina Cazorla)

July 3 | Ribeira Sacra Guitar Festival, Monforte Del Lemos, Spain (Synestha guitar duo)

July 21-25 | José Tomás Villa de Petrer International Guitar Festival, Spain (Eurostrings Guitar Competition)

August 9 | Cádiz, Spain (Solo Recital)

August 15 | Museo-Casa Cervantes, Valladolid, Spain (Solo Recital)

August 17 | Casa de la Juventud, Córdoba, Spain (Synestha guitar duo)

Date to be confirmed | Sarajevo International Guitar Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Solo Recital and Masterclass)

September 24 | Valls, Tarragona, Spain (Solo Recital)

September 25 | Moiá, Barcelona, ​​Spain (Solo Recital)

September 26 | La Bisbal de l´Empordà, Gerona, Spain (Solo Recital)

October 12 | Campo de Criptana, Ciudad Real, Spain (Solo Recital)

October 14-16 | Uppsala International Guitar Festival, Sweden (Solo Recital and Masterclass)

October 20-24 | London International Guitar Festival, England (Solo Recital and Masterclass)

November 3-7 | Novum Generatio International Guitar Festival, Romania (Solo recital and masterclass)