The quality of Spanish guitarist Álvaro Toscano is endorsed by more than twenty international awards throughout his career, including first prizes in the International Guitar Competition Fernando Sor, the Permanent Competition of Juventudes Musicales de España, the International Competition Ciudad de Guimaraes, and the Changsha International Guitar Festival, among others. He has also received numerous audience awards that reflect his incredible ability to connect with audiences through music.

As a soloist, he frequently collaborates with prominent orchestras such as the Spanish Radio and Television Orchestra, the Swedish Chamber Orchestra, the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Seville, the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Galicia, the Symphony Orchestra of Castellón, and the AUKSO Orchestra. He has been conducted by renowned directors such as Christian Karlsen, José Luis Temes, Salvador Sebastià, Marek Moś, and Maximino Zumalave. Moreover, he has performed in more than three hundred recitals in European and American venues, including renowned locations such as Ganz Hall in Chicago, Kings Place in London, the Monumental Theatre in Madrid, Sarajevo International Guitar Festival, Uppsala Concerts & Congress Hall in Sweden, the Harmonia Cordis Guitar Festival, the Galicia Auditorium, and the Teatro de la Maestranza, among others.

Committed to contemporary music, Álvaro Toscano regularly premieres works, recently performing compositions by Antonio Blanco Tejero and María Jesús Amaro. He is also actively involved in chamber music and multidisciplinary projects, collaborating with the Leonor Quartet, Uppsala Guitar Quartet, dancer Cristina Cazorla, and soprano Mariví Blasco.

Dedicated to the mission of inspiring and transforming through classical music, he frequently performs concerts on platforms such as Sofar Sounds and collaborates in numerous social programs.

He has studied with Jara Benítez, Juan Antonio Martínez, José María Bailo, Javier Riba, Francisco Bernier, and Pedro Mateo Gonzalez, and plays a guitar crafted by Spanish luthier José Paniagua with Knobloch strings.


Rarely do so many extraordinary qualities converge in such a young performer: an admirable technique, a moving musicality and a confidence on stage that place us in the presence of a true artistic personality. 

Javier Riba, El Día de Córdoba


January 21 | International Fashion Week, Seville, Spain (Solo Recital)

February 21 | Ateneo Musical Mirandés, Burgos, Spain (Solo Recital)

March 18-20 | Campo de Criptana Professional Music Conservatory, Ciudad Real, Spain (Masterclass)

March 28 | Washington, USA (Solo Recital)

April 2 | University of Indiana, USA (Solo Recital)

April 12 | Casa de Granada, School of Bolero and Spanish Guitar, Madrid (with Cristina Cazorla)

April 17 | “Rafael Orozco” Higher Music Conservatory, Córdoba, Spain (Talk-discussion)

May 17 | Teatro Monumental, Madrid, Spain (Concertino Op.72 by Salvador Bacarisse with the RTVE Orchestra)

May 23 | Teatro de la Maestranza, Seville, Spain (Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquín Rodrigo with the ROSS)

May 25 | Madrid Guitar Festival (Solo Recital)

June 2 | Juan March Foundation, Madrid, Spain (Solo Recital)

June 3 | Juan March Foundation, Madrid, Spain (Solo Recital)

June 4 | Tampere, Finland (Solo Recital)

June 5 | Tampere, Finland (Uppsala Guitar Quartet)

June 11 | Ermita de St Sebastià de Sitges, Barcelona, Spain (Solo Recital)

June 14 | Basílica de Sta Maria de Castelló d’Empúries, Girona, Spain (Solo Recital)

June 17 | Coslada, Madrid, Spain (Cristina Cazorla’s Madrileña)

June 19 | Úbeda Festival, Jaén, Spain (Solo Recital)

July 25 | Petrer, Alicante, Spain (Uppsala Guitar Quartet)

August 3 | Yátova, Valencia, Spain. Eternal Mediterranean (with soprano Mariví Blasco)

October 13 | San José de Costa Rica, Costa Rica (Solo Recital and Masterclass)

Date to be confirmed | Tour with the Alhambra Guitars Foundation

Date to be confirmed | Nights of the Castle, La Herradura, Granada, Spain

Date to be confirmed | Guimaraes, Portugal (Solo Recital and Masterclass)


February 21 | Teatro de la Maestranza, Seville, Spain (Escuela Bolera and Spanish Guitar), with Cristina Cazorla

April 13 | Princess of Girona Awards at the Gran Teatro, Cordoba, Spain

April 14 | Flamenco Planneo Festival, Plaza de Capuchinos, Cordoba, Spain

April 26 | Performance at the 2023 Cedro Awards

May 19 | Escuela Bolera and Spanish Guitar, Madrid, Spain, with Cristina Cazorla

May 21 | Niemeyer Center, Avilés, Asturias, Spain (Solo Recital, The Mystic Guitar)

May 27 | Church of Santa Maria A Nova, Noia, Spain (Morning) (With violinist Nacho Carnota)

May 27 | Church of Santa Maria A Nova, Noia, Spain (Evening) (With violinist Nacho Carnota)

May 28 | Liceo de Noia, Galicia, Spain (With violinist Nacho Carnota)

July 2 | Espacio Ronda, Madrid, Spain (Under the direction of Ángela Belmar)

July 7 | Cordoba Guitar Festival, Spain (Solo Recital)

July 13 | Serenates d´Estiu, Capdepera, Mallorca (Solo Concert)

August 5 | Chipiona, Cádiz, Spain (Bolero School and Spanish Guitar), with Cristina Cazorla

September 7 | Museo del Traje, Madrid (Bolero School and Spanish Guitar), with Cristina Cazorla

September 21 | Teatros del Canal, Madrid, Spain (Premiere of the show “Madrileña”)

September 22 | Teatros del Canal, Madrid, Spain (Premiere of the show “Madrileña”)

September 28 | Uppsala, Sweden (Concierto Andaluz by Joaquín Rodrigo with the Uppsala Guitar Quartet)

September 29 | Uppsala, Sweden (Uppsala Guitar Quartet)

October 14 | Madrid, Spain (Concierto de Aranjuez by J. Rodrigo with the Tapiola Youth Symphony Orchestra)

October 15 | Toledo, Spain (Concierto de Aranjuez by J. Rodrigo with the Tapiola Youth Symphony Orchestra)

October 17 | Madrid, Spain (Concierto de Aranjuez by J. Rodrigo with the Tapiola Youth Symphony Orchestra)

December 16 | Spanish Guitar Society, Madrid, Spain (Solo Recital)


April 23 | Caja Badajoz Cultural Center. Mérida, Spain (Solo Recital)

June 3 | Cacereña Musical Association. Cáceres, Spain (Solo Recital)

June 6 | Cajasol Foundation Theater, Seville, Spain (Synestha guitar duo)

June 25 | Escuela Bolera y guitarra española. Perro Paco, Madrid, Spain (With dancer Cristina Cazorla)

July 3 | Ribeira Sacra Guitar Festival, Monforte Del Lemos, Spain (Synestha guitar duo)

July 21-25 | José Tomás Villa de Petrer International Guitar Festival, Spain (Eurostrings Guitar Competition)

August 9 | Cádiz, Spain (Solo Recital)

August 15 | Museo-Casa Cervantes, Valladolid, Spain (Solo Recital)

August 17 | Casa de la Juventud, Córdoba, Spain (Synestha guitar duo)

Date to be confirmed | Sarajevo International Guitar Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Solo Recital and Masterclass)

September 24 | Valls, Tarragona, Spain (Solo Recital)

September 25 | Moiá, Barcelona, ​​Spain (Solo Recital)

September 26 | La Bisbal de l´Empordà, Gerona, Spain (Solo Recital)

October 12 | Campo de Criptana, Ciudad Real, Spain (Solo Recital)

October 14-16 | Uppsala International Guitar Festival, Sweden (Solo Recital and Masterclass)

October 20-24 | London International Guitar Festival, England (Solo Recital and Masterclass)

November 3-7 | Novum Generatio International Guitar Festival, Romania (Solo recital and masterclass)